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Discus FTP Setup Instructions

Thank you for your interest in freeware Discus. You have received this distribution which will allow you to configure your Discus distribution for use on your web server. Please follow these instructions to continue your installation of Discus:

  1. Unzip the file. Using a program such as WinZip or StuffIt Expander, extract the FTP Setup Assistant script (ftpdiag.cgi) from the zip file you downloaded. Extract this file to a location where you can easily locate it later. (Note: You may have already done this step in order to get to these instructions.)

  2. Start FTP program. Start your FTP program and log in to your World Wide Web server. Set your transfer mode to ASCII (note: neither binary nor automatic mode will work properly). Users of Cute FTP should read DiscusWare's Cute FTP notes.

  3. Upload the ftpdiag.cgi file. You should upload the file to your cgi-bin directory on your server, or wherever you normally place your CGI scripts. The file should be named "ftpdiag.cgi" -- do not rename the file. Also, do not create a special directory for this file. Placing the file directly into your cgi-bin will produce the most accurate suggestions.

  4. Set file permissions. Set permissions on the file to 0755 (rwxr-xr-x). If you need help with permissions, DiscusWare has written a permissions changing tutorial for assistance. (Note: If your world wide web server is running Windows NT, you may skip this step.)

  5. Access the ftpdiag.cgi file with your browser. Do this by typing the URL to the ftpdiag.cgi script in your web browser. For example:

    You will need to adjust the URL accordingly for your particular case. This will bring up the Discus setup form to allow you to configure your Discus board.

    If you experience problems (such as an error message) when accessing the ftpdiag.cgi script on your server, read DiscusWare's ftpdiag.cgi troubleshooting assistance to learn how to address the problem.

Note: These instructions are provided to install Discus for the first time on your server. There are different instructions for upgrading an existing Discus board to a newer version.